At Dream State, Inc., it is our philosophy to be "tied for first" in all we do. In our lighting division, we are dedicated to developing the finest lighting design team available, by providing our personnel with state of the art equipment and software, expert training and educational support, and an endless stream of experience. In the music field, there is a saying "you can buy a grand piano, but it doesn't make you a concert pianist." Regarding lighting, one can say in a similar way "you can buy or rent the best lighting equipment in the world, but it doesn't make you a skilled lighting designer." In any medium, the key elements required for a great performance are genuine talent and a creative spirit, combined with enough of the right experience to master the instruments and learn how to put together emotionally moving programs.


Since April of 2007, Dream State, Inc. has been carefully selecting and purchasing control consoles, lighting instruments, and accessories to support the performances of Southtown Fever at corporate events, fundraisers, and large scale weddings. That effort has provided our lighting designers with hundreds of hours of experience on our state-of-the-art control console, moving lights, color changers and conventional dimmers. We have also utilized additional rental equipment for numerous events, including several with lighting plots resembling major concerts. This experience allows Dream State, Inc. to provide our clients with a highly skilled lighting design team, one that has the full mastery of the instruments needed to create and execute a great performance while maximizing the impact for each dollar in the client's budget.


Dream State, Inc. provides a lighting designer and a standard lighting package for every Southtown Fever band event. Consequently, we can offer optional Decor Lighting as an addition to our standard lighting package for a fraction of the cost of hiring another company. The client saves money by not having to cover the cost of an additional truck, set-up labor, and lighting designer. Better still, Dream State, Inc. lighting personnel control the lighting for the entire duration of an event. Most decor lighting companies simply set-up a single look or pattern for en event and leave. They usually pick up the equipment afterward or the next day. In contrast, by having the lighting personnel present for the entire event, Dream State, Inc. can completely control and vary the atmosphere of the venue from beginning to end. Options include wall washes and ceiling washes using infinitely variable color changers; patterns, logos, and motion effects from moving lights; and a host of other enhancements such as haze, fog, LED curtains, and video projection.


The state-of-the-art console used by Dream State, Inc. can control up to two hundred fixtures and effects of all types, and can provide the client with a three-dimensional visual rendering of the show design. Our company and lighting personnel are in close communication with the major providers of equipment, services and information in the lighting industry locally, nationally, and internationally, which allows for endless possibilities at any level of production. We invite you to "dream big" and allow Dream State, Inc. to turn your dream into reality for your event.