High Energy Dance and Show Band

Live music, planned and rehearsed to excellence, provides an exciting blend of energy and elegance for your Corporate Event, Fundraiser, Wedding or Special Occasion. Gifted vocalists and skilled musicians create an interactive experience which gets dancers of all skill levels onto the dance floor. Even those who are unable to dance have a great time watching all the excitement. State-of-the-art production provides crystal clear audio and sophisticated lighting which makes an event extraordinary and memorable. From dinner to dance to show - Southtown Fever entertains you with great live music!

Standard configuration - 12 piece

The standard configuration for Southtown Fever creates an exciting musical experience for any occasion.

Three featured vocalists-
One male, two female. Great impact and lots of fun.
Four horns -
Trumpet, two saxes, and trombone. Full, exciting sound.
Five rhythm-
Keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion. The right combination for all styles.
Real live music-
No tracking, no midi, no karaoke. First class talent - the finest vocalists, musicians, and technicians one can find, anywhere. This is the real deal.

Full orchestra - 16 piece

For a touch of elegance and an additional level of excitement, the full orchestra includes the standard configuration plus a string quartet.

Four strings
Two Violins, one Viola, one Cello.

What’s Different About Southtown Fever?

It's the Vocals...
VocalsThe format featuring three lead vocalists creates a concert experience. Every song features one of the vocalists front and center stage singing in a range and style perfect for that singer. This gives the audience an effortless focal point which far exceeds the effect gotten when lead vocals are sung from behind instruments. Many great individual artists perform their own music from behind their instruments, but when covering a wide range of music by a variety of artists there is nothing more effective than the front person concept. The vocalists' individual styles are supported and enhanced by the other singers with background vocals and movement. The vocalists are all classically trained, read music, and have dance training and theatre experience.
It's the Music...
HornsThe musicians and vocalists of Southtown Fever are members of a remarkable pool of talented individuals who live in West Central Florida and derive their primary income from musical endeavors. The level of experience, talent, and professionalism on the Southtown Fever stage is very high compared to the average weekend party band. The instrumentation is exactly what is used on most pop recording sessions, and in particular, the horn section of two brass and two woodwinds is capable of emulating the sounds of much larger ensembles using advanced arranging and orchestration techniques.
It's the Arrangements...
Most importantly, most of the arrangements are custom written for Southtown Fever by the bandleader which maximizes individual strengths of the performers, provides smooth transitions from song to song and a powerful momentum throughout an engagement. It takes a highly skilled and educated person to write recording quality arrangements. Bob Macar is one of a handful of highly paid professional arrangers in the Tampa Bay area. To produce a band like Southtown Fever with outside arrangers would be cost prohibitive.
It's for Real...
VocalsThere are many great things you can do with a computer, but playing live music is not one of them. Most people have heard of Milli Vanilli and the fact that they lip synched all their shows to tracks they didn't even sing. Unfortunately, there are a number of groups doing the same thing, charging for a 10 piece band when only four musicians are actually playing with vocal and instrumental tracks on a mini disc recorder or a general midi sound module. Most don't even prepare the tracks, but download them from the Internet or record from Karaoke machines. Buyer beware.

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